Lion Heart Entertainment

Are you interested in Korean Rap and Hip hop music? If yes, this artist might be one of your next favorites.

JjangYou is coming back with a full and first album ‘KOKi7’ with 7 tracks. The album is to be released today at 6 pm KST.

Rap And Hip hop Artist JjangYou Is Back With Album ‘KOKi7’

Lion Heart Entertainment

His agency, Lion Heart Entertainment, announced that the artist prepared the music for a long time. JjangYou prepared everything by himself: music, style, and videos too. All of this is touched by his artistic mind. The agency also adds that while listening to his music, the listener can feel its various colors.

You can check the album preview below and one teaser.

If you are interested make sure to check our exclusive interview with the artist where he speaks about his music, style, traumas, and recommend hot places for tourists in Korea.

You can also check his facebook account here.

Are you excited about his comeback?


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