The scam accusations brought forth against rapper Microdot's parents seems to have created a chain reaction of more people coming forth with similar accusations against the parents of other K-Pop celebrities.

Netizens have been talking about iKON member B.I's father's embezzlement incident back in 2014 and the stock manipulation charges against the father of actresses Lee YuBi and Lee DaIn lately as well.

And in addition to the mentioned above, rapper DOK2's mother has been accused of not paying back an amount near $10,000. According to news reports from South Korean agencies, the rapper's mother borrowed around $10,000 from an old friend of hers whom she knew back in middle school. Reports say the incident took place back in 2002 during when DOK2's mother was running a large restaurant in Busan, South Korea.

When his mother failed to pay the borrowed money back, a South Korean court ordered her to pay back an amount of $11,000 back in damages.

The alleged victim also claimed that they ran into DOK2 at an airport back in 2015 and requested to get back in contact with his mother, but was denied.

DOK2 recently stated

"There have been lots of phone calls coming into the office lately regarding my mother. I intend to go live on Instagram and talk about this."

Stay tuned for updates!


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