While we didn't want to believe it initially, it has been revealed that rapper Microdot's parents are in fact responsible for the scamming accusations brought forth by several victims.

The rapper's parents are responsible for scamming several people they used to be neighbors with in a small village, and the amount has been reported to be nearly $2 million.

Microdot initially denied the accusations and stated that he would be taking legal action against those who spread false rumors. However, he recently came forth and admitted that the accusations are true and that he would like to meet the victims in person to apologize for causing additional harm by threatening to take legal action.

And according to Channel A, his recording for the show 'City Fisher' has been canceled.

South Korean authorities have currently began reinvestigating the case and have stated that a collaborative investigation with the authorities in New Zealand is being considered.


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Nov 23, 2018 07:42 am

I have always hated how the family, especially the kids are blamed and have to suffer for what the parents did. Each person should be looked at and judged upon their own merits. Just like you cant judge a book by its cover, you should not judge a person by who they share genes with. Just being related to someone who did something they shouldn't have done should not cause his stuff to be canceled. I really wish that would change, especially in Korea.

Nov 23, 2018 08:16 am
Reply to  Guest

Its guilty by association ..It's still a tradition in korea that hasnt been erradicated yet, though they would like to make you think it has.