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The romantic comedy drama “The Third Charm” is already at its end!

“The Third Charm” tells the story of a man and a woman and their dating relationship of over 12 years and their four seasons of dating. Seo KangJoon and Esom are the main actors. For more information, trailer, and pictures, you can check our cast and summary, here.

The drama aired on Friday-Saturday at 11 PM KST on JTBC.

According to Nielsen Korea, on November 16th, the 15th episode had 2.2, and on November 17th, the 16th and final episode had 2.9%.

Ratings increased from last week on Saturday. However, the last episode did not score a best-ever rating. The highest drama rating was reached on October 6th for 4th episode with 3.4%.

Ratings Of JTBC Drama “The Third Charm” With Seo KangJoon (Final Week)


The drama is still at the top of the most searched dramas of the day ranked 2nd on Naver (as for November 19th).

You can check last week ratings, here.

The next drama to take the time slot is “SKY Castle” with Yum JungAh, Lee TaeRan, Yoon SeAh, and Oh NaRa.

Did you like the ending of the drama? Are you planning to watch “SKY Castle”?


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