“Kill It” is a hot drama among international viewers. It is an action thriller mystery drama.

It tells the story of a killer who is a veterinarian (Jang KiYong) and a detective (NaNa) that are linked by various cases. For more information, posters, and teaser, you can check our cast and summary here.

The drama aired on Saturday-Sunday at 10:20 pm KST on cable channel OCN.

According to Nielsen Korea, ratings of the drama are the following.

On Apr. 13, the 7th episode had 0.9%.

On Apr. 14, the 8th episode had 1.8%.

On Apr. 20, the 9th episode had 1%.

On Apr. 21, the 10th episode had 2.3%.

With its 7th episode, the drama reached it lowest ever ratings at 0.9%. On the 10th episode, ratings increased.

Ratings Of OCN Drama “Kill It” With Jang KiYong And NaNa (Fourth & Fifth Week)


The drama is at the top of the most searched dramas of the day ranked 7th on Naver (as for Apr. 21).

You can check previous ratings here.

Do you like the drama?


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