The action drama "Player" just started to air this weekend!

"Player" depicts the story of a team of four players -a con man, a driver, a hacker and a fighter- that finds out the secret properties of the unscrupulous criminal and collects all of them. The drama starred f(x)’s Krystal and Song SeungHeon. Actor Yoo SeungHo and Hong SeokCheon made a cameo in the first episode of the drama. You can check information, pictures, and trailer of the drama in our cast and summary here.

The drama airs on Saturdays at 10:20 PM and Sundays at 10:50 PM. OCN -cable channel- is targeting viewers between 25-49 years old.

On September 29th, the first episode had 4.5 and on September 30th, the second episode had 4.9%. On the first day, the highest ratings reached 5.3%.

"Player" first episode's ratings beat the previous record of the highest ratings for a OCN drama first episode held by "Voice 2" at 3.9%. The drama is already interesting many viewers and even increased of ratings on the second day.

Ratings Of OCN Drama "Player" With Krystal And Cameo Of Yoo SeungHo (First Week)


The drama is at the top of the most searched dramas of the day with rank 2 on Naver (as for September 30th).

Did you start the drama? Do you like it?


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Oct 1, 2018 04:38 pm

might have to watch this