“Mr. Sunshine” continues to prove its popularity in Korea with very high constant ratings.

It was previously reported that on its first episode, it broke the record of the highest ratings for the first episode of a tvN drama. From then the drama keeps increasing in ratings!

On August 25th (15th episode) ratings were at 12.9, on August 26th (16th episode) at 15, on September 1st (17th episode) at 7.7, on September 2nd (18th episode) at 14.7, on September 8th (19th episode) at 14.1, and on September 9th (20th episode) at 16.5%.

On  September 9th, the drama reached once again its best-ever ratings.

Ratings Of The Hit Drama “Mr. Sunshine” (4th Week Of August To 2nd Week Of September)


The drama is still at the top of the most searched dramas of the day on Naver (as for September 9th).

You can check previous ratings, here. For more information and pictures about the drama, you can check our cast and summary, here.

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