The mystery drama “Room No.9” airs on the cable channel tvN and interests quite a significant amount of viewers.

“Room No.9” depicts the story of the revenge of an uncommon wicked woman sentenced to death penalty, an audacious lawyer which destiny has changed, and a man that holds the key to the destiny. The drama starred Kim YoungKwang, Kim HeeSun, and Kim HaeSookONE has a supporting role. You can check more information, pictures, and trailer of the drama in our cast and summary here.

The drama airs on Saturday-Sunday 9 PM KST on tvN.

According to Nielsen Korea,

  • on October 13th, the 3rd episode had 4.8
  • on October 14th, the 4th episode had 5.6
  • on October 20th, the 5th episode had 3.5
  • on October 21st, the 6th episode had 4.5
  • on October 27th, the 7th episode had 3.9
  • on October 28th, the 8th episode had 4.2
  • on November 3rd, the 9th episode had 4
  • on November 4th, the 10th episode had 4.4
  • on November 10th, the 11th episode had 3.5
  • on November 11th, the 12th episode had 4.6%
Ratings Of TvN Drama “Room No.9” With Kim YoungKwang And ONE (From Half October To Half November)


The drama is at the top of the most searched dramas of the day with 5th rank on Naver (as for November 11th).

The best ratings of the drama were reached on the first episode with 6.2%. You can check previous ratings here.

Is the drama in your watchlist?


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