Good news for Real Girls Project's fans! They finally dropped a MV teaser "PINGPONG GAME".

You can meet members of Real Girls Project which consists of the drama "IDOL M@STER.KR"s casts very soon. On August 4th, they are going to release very active and cute song 'PINGPONG GAME' and greet their fans. Real Girls Project dropped drama's theme songs by themselves but in this time, 'PINGPONG GAME' is the special one which isn't open yet to public. Real Girls Project is connected with the drama "IDOL M@STER.KR" story line, so the management decided to make only 5 members debut. The excluded 5 members weren't selected to be comeback members, because of their schedules such as, a college entrance examination, movie shooting and other reasons. 

Also, Real Girls Project's 5 comeback members are burningly welcomed by fans as each member got unveiled from last week. Meanwhile, Real Girls Project will perform 'PINGPONG GAME' on the stage of KBS Music Bank on July 28th. 

Real Girls Project Finally Released A MV Teaser "PINGPONG GAME"


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