SoRi is the first girl who becomes debut member in Real Girls Project.

Real Girls Project finally released the first debut member as SoRi. Real Girls Project will comeback after a year eventually. Real Girls Project's management, IMX and Molle posted images of the first member, SoRi, on official SNS channel on July 21st. SoRi also has a charge of the leader of team as a eldest unnie in THE IDOLM@STER.KR now. When she was secondary school student, she studied abroad in Japan. As she became a university student, she came back to South Korea for her singer dream and started training life. In January, 2016, SoRi received attention for her unique concept in her debut as CoCoSoRi

SoRi was a cheerleader since her high school. Based on those experience, she shows off her cute looks and perfect physical skills, making female and male snatch. Due to her free and easy character, she is being called as 'mom' from other members. Meanwhile, Real Girls Project, which is going to comeback in early August as 5 members, will open other 4 members in order soon.


Real Girls Project's First Comeback Member Is Finally Decided



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