Here's the fourth member of Real Girls Project, YeEun.

YeEun, who keeps struggling with training so hard and the symbol of happy virus in members finally became the fourth member. IMX revealed YeEun is going to be the fourth member, posting YeEun’s image on their official SNS channel. The difference here from other members is that YeEun is the only one who has never trained or learnt about acting or singing. So this decision is pretty special. 

YeEun has served the students' leader during her school life and got several prizes from city's mayors. YeEun was definitely typical model student. However, since she made her mind to be an idol, she earned her own money in order to learn skills to be an idol so far. 

Dream did come true. YeEun became the fourth member of Real Girls Project through the drama "IDOL M@STER.KR". Also, she succeeded to lose her weight so now, she is keeping her nice body shape. YeEun has a great resolution to make people moved by her singing. Many fans of Real Girls Project are supporting her dream.


Real Girls Project's Fourth Member Turns Out To Be YeEun


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