Instead of "Show Me The Money 6" on Friday, Mnet moved "IDOL School" on Friday from September 8th.

Mnet "IDOL School", the girl group nurturing real variety TV program, will air on every Friday at PM 11:00 from September 8th. This is the reason why you couldn't watch 8th episode of "IDOL School" on September 7th, when it was supposed. 

Different from what people expected, "IDOL School" is having not good results. The rates have been down. There might be many factors to tie up "IDOL School", but the date and time of the program was the important factor. Mnet's representative program, "Produce 101" and "Show Me The Money" were set at every Friday at PM 11:00. However, "IDOL School" is set on Thursday PM 9:00. People point out that the early time can be the reason to make it difficult. 

Regard this, Mnet is trying to overcome this crisis by resetting "IDOL School" at Friday night PM 11:00, which is exactly the same time with "Show Me The Money 6". In that prime time, "IDOL School" have only 4 episodes left. Many people are wondering if the 4 last episodes can make synergy effects with Prime time setting. 


Rearranging Mnet "IDOL School" On Fridays Will Work?


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Sep 8, 2017 04:21 pm

Too little, too late... More interested to see if the debut group will make amends. And whether the others will get into new companies.