2NE1, KARA, SISTAR, 4Minute are disbanded in recent years and there is a common point that it happened "7 years" after they debuted. Netizens are calling this 7 years jinx of  K-Pop girl groups  because it happens more often for girl groups than boy groups. Is it true?

SISTAR was disbanded on 23th. Although it was only a week ago, fans are still embarrassed and sad about their sudden disband. SISTAR's disband  completed the rumor of 7 years jinx because 2017 is the 7th year after SISTAR's debut and it's close to the termination of the contract with  STARSHIP Entertainment. Eventually members of SISTAR  chose to be individual before re-sign with STARSHIP Entertainment. The point here is SISTAR is a girl group, not a male group and they wanted to be solo even though SISTAR is one of the most popular K-Pop girl groups. 

On the other side, 7 years old male groups keep doing well and very actively. For instance, BIGBANG, INFINITE, and B1A4 have overcome the risk of 7 years jinx and there are only a few groups that failed to the jinx. Then, what 's the difference between girl groups and boy groups? In K-Pop world, they are consumed in different ways. While boy groups' images and concepts are focused on things that can be sustainable and steady, girl groups tend to be consumed and interpreted as a sexual images. This fragmentary feature of girl groups often defines age limit for them and works as a obstacle.

Many K-Pop fans and cultural critic are pointing that attitude of us toward K-Pop girl groups need to be changed into more mature ones. It's the time to consider that if we are generous only to boy groups but not to girls. 


The Reason Why 7 Years Jinx only happens to K-Pop Girl Groups

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