The drama “Hymn Of Death” with Lee JongSuk and Shin HyeSun hooked viewers in the tragic love story of Korea’s first soprano Yun SimDeok and genius playwright Kim WooJin in the 1920s. For more information and picture about the drama, you can check our cast and summary here.

On Monday, December 3rd, episode 3 and 4 or episode 2 on a 70 min format were broadcast. This article contains spoiler until that episode.

In Monday's episode, in the first part, the romance between both characters somehow seems to be blooming. Shin HyeSun (as Yun SimDeok) expresses her interest for Lee JongSuk (as Kim WooJin) quite clearly but he -despite an interest- avoids any clear expression of his feelings.

A bit later, this scene where Lee JongSuk was about to kiss her but stopped left the viewers confused about the truth of his feelings.

That is a bit further in the episode that the reason, why he tried to suppress his feelings and to show no interest, was because of his wife. The viewer understood that he is a married man as she was introduced. His father forced him into an arranged marriage.

Shin HyeSun present at the introduction of his wife was left shocked as she ignored that he was married. Lee JongSuk knowing that she will be affected by the news looked terribly sad.

Despite this fact, a few times later, they agree on loving each other. However, this time, Shin HyeSun's parents want her to get married. The couple has one more reason to stop their relationship. It is the appearance of Shin HyeSun's fiance.

Reasons For Lee JongSuk And Shin HyeSun's Impossible Love Story Introduced In "Hymn Of Death" Episode 2


The reason for their love to be tragic and for their suicide hinted in the first episode is now partially clearer to viewers.

Were you surprise? Do you like the drama?


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