Red Velvet has officially ended their performances of their 4th “Rookie”.

They have been a hot potato not only in Korea but as well as in various countries, not to mention having to win 1st place in the music charts and broadcasts. Not only in programs of Korea such as Mnet, Music bank, but also in charts of US World Billboard and China’s Shami music proved the big new wave “Rookie” made.

The album proved that Red Velvet was capable of having their own styles while satisfying the taste of the public. While winning the various charts and music programs, Red Velvet set their own style, making their fandom firmer.

Fandom of Red velvet has been gradually increasing from their debut ‘Happiness’, continuing with ‘Ice Cream Cake’, ‘Dumb Dumb’, ‘Russian Roulette’ to the latest, ‘Rookie’. Critics say that the real charm of Red Velvet is the addiction of their song with cute catchphrases, not to mention their unique performances.

Red Velvet’s Ending of “Rookie” After Being a “Rookie” in K-Pop

SM Entertainment

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