Red Velvet Irene Reveals Her Choice Of Alcohol & Tolerance Level

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Red Velvet Irene Reveals Her Choice Of Alcohol & Tolerance Level

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How much can you drink? That is the question.

Red Velvet member Irene, who was recently became the newest model for the soju brand Chamisul, appeared on ‘I Will Channel You’ to talk about how much she can drink and also what she usually drinks when consuming alcohol.

Having delicate and beautiful visuals, one would most likely expect her to be not that much of a heavy drinker. However, she revealed that she is able to drink three bottles of soju. For anyone whose tried one bottle of South Korea’s iconic alcoholic drink, they’d know how strong the stuff is. You can see how MC Kang HoDong is shocked upon hearing Irene’s alcohol tolerance level.


But Irene also did mention that was during her prime, and stated that she isn’t able to drink that much these days.

And as for her choice of alcohol, Irene revealed that she is unable to drink beer and wine as both give her headaches and hangovers the next day. She stated that soju was the only alcohol that she could drink comfortably without experiencing any unpleasant symptoms the next day.

You can check out Irene’s Chamisul CF below!



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3 bottles (=1litre) soju has the alcohol content of ~2 bottles of wine.
This little (homey) wildcat can really slam it…


Sorry to interrupt…..
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