Red Velvet “Raids” a Convenient Store to Support MC Wendy



Red Velvet “Raids” a Convenient Store to Support MC Wendy

Group Red Velvet will make their appearance on tvN “Raid the Convenient Store” to support MC Wendy.

On the second episode of tvN’s variety show “Raid the Convenient Store”, Red Velvet will make their appearance to represent the trendy 20s and try out convenient store food combinations. They’ve also appeared on the show to support their member Wendy, who’s working with Yoon DooJoon and Lee SooGeun as an MC.

During the recording, Red Velvet made straight-forward assessments of convenient store foods’ taste, surprising the MCs and panels. It’s been heard that they’ve gave thumbs up for menus they’ve each liked, but honest and straight forward criticisms on menus they did not like. And in this second episode, the panels presented a diet menu that can be created with convenient store ingredients and captured the attention of the guests. Many anticipate for whether the special menu that can satisfy all the members’ tastes can be created or not.

tvN’s “Raid the Convenient Store” broadcasts every Friday night at 9:20 PM KST.

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