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On October 3rd, the second day of Asia Song Festival 2018 was held. Many idol groups such as Wanna One, fromis_9, Red Velvet and so on, made their way down to Busan to greet their fans.

It was during Red Velvet's stage when something cute happened to member SeulGi.

Firstly, SeulGi surprised her fans with a newly dyed blonde hair and when she was performing on stage, her blonde hair stood of due to the static electricity.

Compared to other members which had darker hair colors, SeulGi's 'hair-standing' moment could be seen clearly in the dark.

Fans actually thought that she looked adorable and love her new hair color.

Red Velvet's SeulGi Gets Caught In An Electrifying Situation

Sensible K

Nonetheless, the fans present in the Asia Song Festival love their performance and were happy to see them performing on stage.

Do you find SeulGi adorable too?


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Oct 4, 2018 11:11 pm

She's even more magnetic lol