Red Velvet‘s SeulGi seems to love her ponytail.

On an online community, netizens noticed that SeulGi has a specific action when she has a ponytail. When she is performing on stage or not, she is twisting her head to make her ponytail flying. Fans also noticed that SeulGi has thick hair that stands out with a ponytail.

The girl looks very much excited while shaking her ponytail.

On December 9th, the girl was amazing on stage and fans noticed one more time that she was shaking her ponytail.

Netizens commented "Ponytail suits SeulGi very well", "SeulGi is so charming", "Hahahahahaha. She is shaking hard, it almost slapped Irene's face", "So pretty", etc.

Do you like her having ponytail and the way she shakes it?


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Dec 10, 2018 09:06 pm

She can whip me to her her jollies ^^