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After the first stage of 5 different stages (‘Rookie’ by Red Velvet,  ‘Cheer Up’ by TWICE, ‘Ah-Choo’ by Lovelyz,  ‘Me Gustas Tu’ by GFriend, and ‘Whisle’ by BLACKPINK ) performed by girls of "Idol School", the second stage awaits for them.

Revealed Songs and Positions of the 2nd Stage of “IDOL School”


Though the songs they've performed on the first stage wasn't easy, the second stage seems to be tougher than that of the first stage. On the second stage, the audience will be watching 'I Need You' by BTS, 'LUV' by Apink, 'Lion Heart' by SNSD and 'Tinker Bell' by APRIL

The second stages will only be performed by those who have passed the first stage.  8 girls were eliminated from the program while the remaining 36 girls are left to keep on going. 


'I Need You' - BTS

Song HaYoung, Lee ChaeYoung, Lee SeoYeon, Park JiWon, Sky, Kim MyungJi, Jo YuRi, Lee YeongYoo, Kim JooHyun, SeoHeRin

'LUV' - Apink

Yoo JiNa, Natty, Baek JiHeon, Jang GyuRi, Bae EunYeong, Lee YooJung, Park SoMyeong, Lee NaGyung, Yoon JiWoo, Choo WonHee

'Lion Heart' - SNSD

Lee HaeIn, Lee SiAn, Lee SaeRom, Shin SiA, Jung SoMi, Kim NaYeon, Hong SiWoo, Jessica Lee, Tasha, Kim EunSeo

'Tinker Bell' - APRIL

Jo YoungJoo, Roh JiSun, Park Sun, Kim EunKyul, Snowbaby, Michelle White, Jo SeRim, Lee DaHee, Yang YeonJi, Cho YuBin

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