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What? No video recording of your favorite K-Pop idols at a fan meeting you paid to get in to? If that sounds ridiculous, you’re not alone. Red Velvet member Irene will probably agree with you as she recently urged fans to ignore such nonsense.

At a recent fan meeting, Reveluvs flocked over to meet the group members. At one point, one fan told Irene that the fans were forbidden to film them with their phones.

Irene replied saying:

“What? What kind of rule is that?”

She then yelled to fans to hurry up and take their phones out and start recording while asking wasn’t getting to video record idols one of the reasons why fans come to fan meetings.

Now if this recent side of Irene doesn’t make you fall in love with her even more, we don’t know what will.

Fans were hyped up and excited and began to chant “Bae Juhyun!“, Irene’s Korean name.


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