DreamNote asks fans to find out how the leader of their group was selected through the reality show on their official V-Live channel.

On July 30th, 8-member girl group DreamNote released the teaser for their second episode of reality program on their official V-Live channel. According to the clip, the way the leader of the group was chosen will be revealed through the upcoming episode airing on August 2nd.

You can catch the clip right below.

In order to become the leader, the girls showed their individual and unique skills for the very first time in an attempt to appeal for more votes. If you are curious, remember to watch the upcoming episode to find out who will eventually be leading the team.

Rookie Girl Group DreamNote Teases How Their Leader Was Chosen Through Reality Show


Their agency iMe KOREA hopes that through this reality show, the charismatic and unique sides of the girls would be shown to the fans before their official debut in September.

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