With everyone coming back this year, take a look at these rookies who you might want to keep an eye on.

The music industry is full of comebacks this year. Starting with 1st generation idols like S.E.S and SHINHWA, idol groups like AOA, WJSN, APRIL, and rookies like BONUS BABY, VARSITY, and TopSecret will also make their comeback. With fierce competition expected, let’s take a look at rookie groups you might want to keep an eye out for.


SEVENTEEN’s popularity from 2016 is expected to carry over into 2017 as well. People are already calling them the maknaes of “E.B.S”, lining them up side by side with EXO and BTS. SEVENTEEN is expected to become a global boy group like the other two. SEVENTEEN has swept the charts with third mini album “Going Seventeen”, and even placed themselves in the “Best 2016 K-Pop Album Top 10” by Billboard. They will begin their overseas activities with concerts in Japan.

  1. Oh My Girl

Oh My Girl is a girl group you might want to really keep an eye out for. Oh My Girl released 3 albums in 2016, showing continued growth, and has moved up from 31st place with ‘Liar Liar’ to 9th place with ‘Listen to My Word’. ‘Listen to My Word’ even was a candidate for the first place. They held their first solo concert in August, showing their talents as concert-type idols. They are appearing on various variety shows to show off their variety skills as well. Oh My Girl is in the midst of preparing for their new album.

  1. NCT

NCT is a new type of boy group by SM Entertainment. They are a free rookie group that really does not have a limit on the number of members. NCT 127 has recently made comeback with “LIMITLESS”, and NCT DREAM has made their comeback with ‘My First and Last’. They are expected to be very scary rookies this year.

  1. PLEDIS Girlz (Pristin)

Another girl group that’s anticipated for is PLEDIS Girlz. PLEDIS Girlz is the follow up group of After School. The 10-member group already has a well-established fandom that’s just waiting for their debut. The pre-debut album “WE”, that was released in June, placed high in music charts, showing off their music power. Members that left for I.O.I activities have now returned, and PLEDIS Girlz announced their official group name as “Pristin”. Pristin will be making their official debut soon.

Rookie Groups to Keep an Eye Out for in 2017

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