The Celebrity

After Red Velvet had crazy busy time performing ‘Rookie’, they told what they wanted to do with their breaks after shooting for “The Celebrity” magazine.

After Being "Rookie", Red Velvet Be "The Celebrity"

The Celebrity

Red Velvet achieved a great renown as a girl group with ‘Rookie’ and step forward to not only their fans, but as well as the public by showing their strong color as a group.

However, they said that they had vivid colors as an individual as well, and it was shown in this magazine. It was has been three years since they debuted, to the question what they wanted to do during their break, Wendy said that she feels quite comfortable in front of cameras, whereas Irene and YeRi wanted to be on a trip. Lastly, SeulGi, wanted to learn how to draw and paint.

Joy was not able to join the team for she was busy shooting a new drama “The Liar and His Lover”.

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