South Korean netizens have been enraged after discovering an article released by Tokyo Sports claiming that there were many people who were demanding Japanese K-Pop idols such as Momo, Sana, Mina (TWICE), and Juri Takahashi (Rocket Punch) be deported back to Japan.

Let's get one thing clear.

All of the stuff that's happening at the moment such as the boycott against Japan, all of this is actually directed towards the Japanese government.

South Korea has been boycotting everything related to Japan after being taken off Japan's whitelist regarding trade restrictions.

In addition, according to Insight, the article talked about how South Koreans wanted to make money and run businesses in Japan, but were against Japanese people coming to South Korea to do the same.

Concerns are growing at the moment as the article is currently trending, and is causing unnecessary attention diverted towards Japanese K-Pop idols.

But perhaps the Japanese media aren't aware, South Korean netizens have actually defended Rocket Punch member Juri Takahashi from a reporter who asked how she felt having a career in Korea during the current political tension. Netizens have agreed that she was a girl who gave up everything to come to South Korea for her love and passion for K-Pop, and it was unnecessary to drag her in to politics.

Hopefully, people won't be lead to believe in the the groundless claim that South Koreans are demanding the removal of Japanese K-Pop idols.


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