Just recently, rapper San E caused quite a bit of a scene during Brand New Music's 'Brand New Year' concert by saying that feminists in South Korea were mentally disturbed and that he only supports sane women. He then stormed off the stage, leaving everyone wondering what just happened.

After the incident, Brand New Music apologized to the audience as well.

It seems that the rapper is frustrated with how feminism in South Korea has been distorted and lost its path of what it once stood for which was equal rights for women. It has increasingly been manipulated into a tool that has been abused to spew hatred towards men rather than a pursuit for rights and equality.

According to the rapper, some people in the audience threw dolls at him and said things that could be considered as sexual harassment. He stated

"I can let things go such as comments like "San E 6.9" and etc. But I can't just let it slide when people throw things at me. Some people even threatened to kill me by saying "San E dead man" while I was on stage."

Brand New Music has not released any official statement regarding the current situation.

Stay tuned for updates!


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