What would you do if the star of your dreams was visiting your country and you desperately wanted to meet them? These two women clearly would go as far as breaking the law by infiltrating restricted areas of an airport.

Just recently in Thailand, two sasaeng fans acquired Lee JongSuk's flight itinerary and almost achieved a flawless 'perfect crime'.

They disguised themselves as airport staff members and waited for the South Korean actor in the restricted area. And soon, they were able to meet with him face to face and even shake hands with him.

While they probably would have gotten away with it, there was only one problem. It turns out that one of them posted their encounter with the actor on social media, while also describing how they achieved their plan. Pretty soon, the authorities were notified and the real airport security staff took action.

Sasaeng Fans Commit Almost Perfect Crime To Meet Actor Lee JongSuk In Airport


Fans have been criticizing the sasaeng fans for their actions and the airport has currently filed a lawsuit against them. The recent incident may potentially have negative consequences for the airport's evaluation ratings as well.


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Nov 7, 2018 05:01 am

Some Sasaengs are crazy. It is best that idols, actors, and entertainers file $$$$$$$$ high dollar lawsuits against any person who invades their privacy. It is equally important that entertainment agencies support their personnel by also suing crazy Saesaengs. No one should have to worry who is going to pop up from their balcony nor break into their homes,..etc. These fans need a separate hobby. Getting on a private plane to see a private concert and attending a private meet and greet should be enough for any fan. These sasaengs have gone too far. Idols and their loved ones have… Read more »