Sasaeng K-Pop fans are some of the creepiest people that we know. The lengths that they will go to in order to "connect" with their idols is both extreme and scary.

Just recently, Wanna One departed for Thailand on November 12th at the Incheon International Airport. And according to news reports from South Korean news agencies, over two hundred fans showed up to catch a glimpse of them. Some fans reportedly brought with them ladders to climb up high and get a good view at the members of the K-Pop idol group.

But what was discomforting about the event was that some fans passed security and were waiting for them near the boarding gate. How did this happen? The fans apparently bought tickets for the same flight, and not just any tickets but first class too. However, the fans did not board the plane with the idols as they canceled their purchase.

Currently, South Korean airlines either charge a very small fee or none at all for canceling flight tickets. This has raised the dilemma of changing the regulations to make it possible for anyone who buys a ticket but doesn't board a flight potential prosecution.


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Nov 16, 2018 07:52 am

too many crazy people in SK. gosh