Sasaengs Harass 2PM JunHo’s Family

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Sasaengs Harass 2PM JunHo’s Family

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K-Pop sasaeng fans are once again posing a dangerous threat to another K-Pop idol. Just recently, 2PM member JunHo revealed that his family members have been harassed by sasaeng fans.

According to the K-Pop idol, an attempt to hack into his sister’s Instagram account was made while prank phone calls using abusive language were made to his brother-in-law’s workplace as well. In addition, if invading privacy of idols and taking photos of them wasn’t bad enough, the sasaengs were apparently taking photos of JunHo’s parents and uploading them online as well.

JunHo took to Instagram to issue a stern warning against the sasaeng fans saying that legal action will be taken if their invasion of privacy and harassment doesn’t end.



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