According to South Korean news agency JTBC, SBS is currently being criticized for distorting the conversation that took place in the chat rooms belonging to Jung JoonYoung and SeungRi, that are currently being investigated for soliciting prostitutes, uploading sex tapes filmed by a hidden camera, and police collusion.

HIGHLIGHT member Yong JunHyung seems to have been receiving a lot of bad publicity due to the distortion of the chat room conversation. While it's true that Yong JunHyung has exchanged texts with Jung JoonYoung in the past 1:1, investigation reports have not presented any evidence as of yet to point to the HIGHLIGHT member as the third member of the scandalous chat room.

In fact, the rumors first began based on one main speculation, that is the family name 'Yong' being rare and not many celebrities having the surname.

In addition, the text message that Yong JunHyung sent Jung JoonYoung was edited into a photo, making it seem as if Yong JunHyung was part of the group chat.


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