After canceling his own fan meeting, rumors that SECHSKIES member Kang SungHoon embezzled nearly $9,000 has began surfacing online as well.

In addition to these negative rumors, speculations that the YG Entertainment idol is in an intimate relationship with his fan club administrator as well. Fans have claimed that the two shared a hotel room as well.

When fans demanded an answer, he responded by saying

"Rumors are just rumors. I feel there's no reason to talk about them any more."

And in regards to the embezzlement accusations, he seemed to imply that the agency based in Taiwan that first executed the fan meet is partially responsible. He stated that the agency made arrangements for the fan meet but the Taiwanese government denied him a visa to enter the country.

But the backlash he is currently facing isn't just affecting him, but also his group SECHSKIES as many fans have been canceling their tickets to the group's 2018 concert.


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