SECHSKIES member Kang SungHoon seems to be receiving quite a lot of criticism from netizens and even fans as well lately. It was just a few days ago that he found himself dealing with rumors of dating his fan cafe moderator, embezzlement, and also for making a condescending remark about a fruit truck.

And reasons for more criticism don't seem to have an end as he recently made another statement that triggered South Korean netizens.

So what exactly was it this time?

He was telling a story about how he used to be an 'il jin'. 'Il jins' are basically the strongest and most influential students in schools, but because they tend to use violence in order to establish themselves as the alpha figure. In fact, the issue of school violence among students in South Korea has become increasingly more of a concern for the nation's society. Needless to say, to brag about being an 'il jin' isn't exactly going to draw out a positive response from South Korean fans.


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