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After being caught up several controversies in a consecutive manner, SECHSKIES member Kang SungHoon has cancelled his upcoming fan meeting that was originally scheduled to be held in Tokyo, Japan.

His recent controversies including dating rumors with his fan cafe moderator, embezzlement, using a term that promotes school violence, and using a condescending tone towards a fruit truck that was driving by him in the wealthy neighborhood of Cheongdam.

But the most damaging one was involving him breaking into his former manager's home while also stopping a cab that his former manager was in on a separate occasion.

YG Entertainment CEO Yang HyunSuk also recently opened up and made it clear that he was very well aware of the controversies surrounding Kang SungHoon, while adding that he intended to 'reform' SECHSKIES very soon. This naturally has raised speculations that Kang SungHoon might not remain as a member of the idol group for long.


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