SBS has released the second lineup list of artists that will appear on “2016 SAF Gayo Daejun” on 26th.

In this Gayo Daejun, many entertainers from SBS’ main entertainment shows will also make an appearance with special stages.

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Those who appeared on the popular show, “Kpop Star”, will also appear. Currently confirmed ones are LeeHi, Baek AYeon, and Jung SeungHwan.

Yang HeeEun, who emotionally touched everyone through the show “Fantastic Duo”, will also be making an appearance. LeeHi and Baek AYeon is said to be preparing a special stage with her, increasing the level of anticipation for “Gayo Daejun” stages.

The opening stage of “Gayo Daejun” is also drawing a lot of attention. It will be a full package version of “UDF (ULTRA DANCE FESTIVAL)”, “VOI (VOICE OF INKIGAYO)”, and “INKIGAYO UNPLUGGED” that was done every week on SBS “Inkigayo”. Specialists of different areas will take part in this opening stage, making this one giant collaboration stage.

The teams that will participate in the giant collaboration stage is as follows:

Classic instrumental Team: The man who is the first Korean pop pianist and has received American Musician Award twice, Shin JiHo, will be the head of this team, with Henry, Afterschool Raina, and B.I.G Benji also participating.

Ballet & Modern Dance Team: Lee Luda, who is from Universal Ballet Team, will work with VIXX N, BTS JiMin, Lovelyz Yein, TWICE MiNa and Momo, and Cosmic Girls (WJSN) SungSo for the ballet & modern dance team.

Rock Band Team: The rock band team consists of Kim DoKyun, a man who’s often associated with the top 3 guitar legends in Korea, drum goddess Bebop AYeon, CNBLUE Jonghyun, and Day6 Young K.

Street Dance Team: Lastly, the street dance team will consist of SHINee’s Taemin, GOT7 JinYoung and YuGyeom, NCT Ten, Red Velvet Seulgi, Oh My Girl YooA, Dia EunJin, and Black Pink Lisa.


Girl group Sunny Girls will also stand on “Gayo Daejun” with ‘Taxi’. Sunny Girls consists of GFriend EunHa, Cosmic Girls Sungso, Oh My Girl YooA, Gugudan Nayoung, and MOMOLAND Nancy. It has received attention before for being an unprecedented “music show”-made collaboration group.

Uhm JungHwa, who will present her new song on “Gayo Daejun”, will also perform 2016 Version of ‘D.I.S.C.O’ with BIGBANG’s T.O.P. The two is returning for a collaboration 8 years after 2008, and much is anticipated for what kind of performance they will show on “Gayo Daejun”.


With the total of 12 idol teams (91 idols) to appear with a collaboration as well, it’s expected to be an enormous stage at an unprecedented scale.

“2016 SAF Gayo Daejun” will broadcast on 26th, 8:55 PM KST.


The Second Lineup of 2016 SAF Gayo DaeJun Revealed!




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