Although many idol girls drastically alter their appearance, some opt for a more natural route by correcting or enhancing certain features while maintaining their signature look.

During these warm and bright spring days, many celebs have been toning it down with a more natural look that we're loving for spring—it's subtle and chic. These 6 girl group members are known for the subtle and subdued makeup looks. From the TOP idol girl, YoonA to the rookie female idol, JeongYeon, Kpopmap count down our picks for the most memorably natural star makeup moments. 

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See our favorite girl group members who seem to be little difference whether they use makeup to cover a blemish, or not, and get inspired by fabulous and stylish makeup looks worn by these popular black-eyed female celebs such as SeJeong, Irene, IU, Krystal and many more. 


1. YoonA - Girl's Generation

Numerous K-Pop fans love her natural makeup look. YoonA is a champion for loving – not hiding – your natural beauty.

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SBS "Family Outing"/천의미모윤아


2. Irene - Red Velvet

Red Velvet's tiny leader, Irene has always been a classic beauty. She also showed us a “real” look with her natural makeup at the friday music show "Music Bank".

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TVREPORT/Be my brownie

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3. IU

We find IU's fresh, natural look simply captivating. The 24 year old singer-songwriter says she’s actually a bit obsessed with natural skincare.

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IU studio/Pabooppa


4. JeongYeon - TWICE

Twice's gamine member, JeonYeon doesn’t hide much with her stunning natural makeup look. Her true beauty shines in that unalloyed grin.

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GQ Magazine/All TWICE


5. Krystal - f(x)

Her before make up face had no blemishes or discolorings and had the image of a true 23 year old. Her after make up face showed her with makeup on certain points, making her glow.

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6. Kim SeJeong - Produce 101

A shimmering lip gloss completes the look for this natural beauty. Her pristine beauty is perfect for the next generation of K-Pop.

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