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SeHun of EXO received a noble title from the government of Scotland.

SeHun of EXO Becomes a Noble in Scotland for REAL

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Warmwind, a fan page of SeHun in China bought a small part of land in Scotland for his birthday gift and plans to use it for the benefit of the public welfare. For that reason, the government of Scotland gave a Noble status to the land owner, SeHun.

Chinese fans released the official deed on April 11th and everything was formally mentioned in the paper.

As for Korean fans, they donated money to House of Sharing, a place where victims of Japanese Colonization rest and fight for their rights.

The public highly praise fans’ actions for it was really thoughtful, and meaningful for everyone, including SeHun himself

Anyways, now SeHun isn't just called noble by his looks, but a NOBLE for real.

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