Seo InGuk will come back as a sexy musician.

On 26th, Seo InGuk revealed the cover image of his 6th digital single album “BeBe” through his official SNS channel.

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In the tags that were written with the image, InGuk’s name on the composer and writer line is an eye catcher. In the image teaser that was revealed before, there were parts of the lyrics released with it, announcing InGuk’s participation in writing its lyrics. Through this album cover announcement, his participation in the composing is also announced, increasing the level of anticipation for his return as a mature musician.

The cover uses a shocking concept of InGuk using a woman’s legs as a pillow, showing the sexy atmosphere the title song ‘BeBe’ will have. The previously released teaser, the lyrics “You can have my everything now, My Babe” also adds to this sexy atmosphere.

Seo InGuk will release his new song ‘BeBe’ on 28th, and will attend “MBC Drama Awards” on 30th. He will also hold a concert on 31st in Yes24 Livehall, finishing the year with his fans.

Seo InGuk Reveals His Upcoming Album “BeBe”’s Cover


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