Korean Celebs’ Ideal Types Compilation: Seo KangJun

Actor Seo KangJun is one of the actors who’s got numerous women fans. It is important for an actor to act well, but it’s also important to be attractive to lure fans to sit and watch his work.

Seo KangJun is a young actor in his 20s, rising fast in romance movies and dramas. If he isn’t making any facial expressions, he looks cold and sexy, but as soon as he smiles, everything melts down and only a playful boy is left. Among his charms, his light brown eyes are what fans love the most about him. The soft big puppy eyes just sucks us in to the screen. His long sharp nose right in the middle of his face creates a great balance. If he hadn’t had such nose, he wouldn’t have had the chic look he has when he isn’t smiling. 

The wide shoulders, great fit in almost every clothes etc. We can list about a hundred things why we love KangJun so much, but do we know about what he loves and his ideal type? 


Seo KangJun‘s Ideal Type Compilation

Seo KangJun: I really don’t care about the age. If she’s older than me in 9 years, that’s fine. I am fond of kind person and someone I feel great talking to. It’s not about the looks for me, but what kinds of  emotions I get when I am with that person. If I say what I take interest specifically in looks, I’d say the beautiful line from the neck to shoulder.

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A Shift In Generation Of K-Drama By All-Grown-Up Child Actors

Korean actors and actress, who acted in the kid-roles several years ago, are starting to conquer Korean TV prime-time dramas. 

To lots of K-Drama fans, child actor and actress are loved as much as adult ones. However, as they grow up, it is common that child actor and actress don’t successfully changeover into adult actors and actresses. Because they failed to change their image from childish ones or to maintain popularity. But, these days, all grown up child actor and actress take the rolls to fill the vacuum of 20’s actors and actress with their skilled acting ability.

Yoo SeungHo is one of the most successful ‘all grown up child actors’. He is only 24 , but got the main character roll of MBC drama “The Lord, Keeper Of The Crown”Also, Nam JiHyun, she is 22, acting in SBS “Dubious Partner”, Yeo JinGu, he is 20, of “Circle: Two Worlds Connected (2017)”,  Koh Ahsung, who is 25 years old, acting in KBS drama are ones who take the main character rolls even though they are only in twenty. Despite of the fact that they are early twenties, their acting careers are well into 10 years so it’s the golden time for them to grab a chance caused by lack of 20s actors and actress.  


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The Best Looking Actors Who Best Owned the Blue Prince Robes

The modern take on historical prince robes has been challenged by some of the best looking actors – but who looked the best of them all?

We love us some handsome princes from our favorite historical Korean dramas. But did you ever notice that there’s usually one thing in common? Most of them are dressed in these fancy, beautiful blue prince robes. But according to history, these prince robes haven’t been blue – but red, like the King’s. Drama production teams took a modern twist to differentiate the Kings and the princes by dressing them in royal blue.

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Let’s take a look at some of the hottest historical drama princes dressed in these modern twists, and you can choose for yourself who looks the best!


1. Yoo AhIn

sageuk, sageuk prince, historical prince, historical prince gown, historical korean prince, yoo ahin, yoo ahin prince

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2. Park BoGum

sageuk, sageuk prince, historical prince, historical prince gown, historical korean prince, park bogum, park bogum prince

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3. Yoo SeungHo

sageuk, sageuk prince, historical prince, historical prince gown, historical korean prince, Yoo seungho prince, yoo seungho 2017

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4. Im SiWan

sageuk, sageuk prince, historical prince, historical prince gown, historical korean prince, im siwan prince, im siwan 2017

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Who do you think looks best in the modern blue prince robes?