Actor Seo KangJun is one of the actors who's got numerous women fans. It is important for an actor to act well, but it's also important to be attractive to lure fans to sit and watch his work.

Seo KangJun is a young actor in his 20s, rising fast in romance movies and dramas. If he isn't making any facial expressions, he looks cold and sexy, but as soon as he smiles, everything melts down and only a playful boy is left. Among his charms, his light brown eyes are what fans love the most about him. The soft big puppy eyes just sucks us in to the screen. His long sharp nose right in the middle of his face creates a great balance. If he hadn't had such nose, he wouldn't have had the chic look he has when he isn't smiling. 

The wide shoulders, great fit in almost every clothes etc. We can list about a hundred things why we love KangJun so much, but do we know about what he loves and his ideal type? 


Seo KangJun's Ideal Type Compilation

Seo KangJun: I really don't care about the age. If she's older than me in 9 years, that's fine. I am fond of kind person and someone I feel great talking to. It's not about the looks for me, but what kinds of  emotions I get when I am with that person. If I say what I take interest specifically in looks, I'd say the beautiful line from the neck to shoulder.

Korean Celebs’ Ideal Types Compilation: Seo KangJun

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