SeolHyun was the victim of a cyber pervert.

AOA's SeolHyun and BLOCK B's Zico used to be dating back in summer 2016. A man spread the rumor online that he found on the stolen phone of Zico a naked picture of SeolHyun and posted it online. The picture of SeolHyun brushing her teeth without clothes became on an issue over the weekend.

SeolHyun Talks to Fan After the Fake Naked Picture Incident

SeolHyun Insta

It turned out that the picture was photoshopped, as fans quickly noticed from the picture's poor quality. FNC Entertainment officially announced that they will sue the creator of the leaked picture, who is yet to be identified.

SeolHyun personally wrote on her fan cafe on the 20th to apologize and thank fans. The idol says "I feel like you will feel bad about this incident, so I thought I should speak up about it to you. As already announced, we will sue the creator and distributor of this fake picture and we will try our best to eliminate further victims of this event". She adds "I know it can sound greedy but I wish for the happiness of the people that love me. Thank you".


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Mar 21, 2018 05:40 pm

The 'pix creator' got stupidly greedy by spreading the false Zico phone rumour. There are plenty of photoshopped idols online. But spreading false information is defamation. i hope they get that idiot!

Jun 24, 2018 07:56 pm
Reply to  Guest

But, is the naked photo was really came from Zico's phone??