According to South Korean news agency Dispatch, BIGBANG member SeungRi, who is currently caught up in several accusations including solicitations of prostitutes for business associates, use of 'happy balloon', along with connections to the Burning Sun scandal, had quite an extravagant birthday party back in December 2017.

An employee of a hostess club in the Gangnam district of Seoul, Korea claims that her regular customer SeungRi invited her to his birthday party to an island in the Philippines with all trip expenses paid for by the K-Pop idol. However, she did also say that there was one condition that was required of her, which was to bring beautiful women along with her.

She stated:

"He promised to pay for their trip expenses, as long as they were beautiful."

The entire island of Palawan was rented out by SeungRi on December 7th, 2017. Around a total of 150 guests had been invited to the party, which was held for two days.

Below is the guest list released by Dispatch.

SeungRi Invited Women From Adult Ent. Establishment For His Birthday Party In The Philippines


And what's interesting is that some of the people on the VIP list were also direct investors of the club Burning Sun. A woman currently known as Ms. Lin from Taiwan, was one of them. And the president of club Burning Sun, Lee MoonHo, was also included as one of the VIP in the list as well. Lee MoonHo was tested for drugs recently and the results came back as positive.

Fast forward two months after the party, and club Burning Sun was established and open for business.

SeungRi is currently being investigated by the South Korean authorities and a drug test result is expected to be released soon as well.

Stay tuned for updates!


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