Idol SEVENTEEN is gaining attention for photos they release for their fans.

Though being busy with activities for “Going Seventeen”’s title song ‘Boom Boom’, SEVENTEEN members continue to post pictures to communicate with fans, showing their love for their fans.

SEVENTEEN posted not only when there were big topics like winning first place on music shows, or appearing on broadcasts, but also whenever they wished to communicate with fans. They are gaining attention as a group that communicates well with their fans via SNS.

SNS posts like group picture that was posted after the release of “HIGHLIGHT” choreography video and WonWoo’s selca that was posted with the text “Aing!” became a popular topic in online communities. SEVENTEEN’s consideration of fans no matter where and when can be seen through their SNS usages.

SEVENTEEN is currently attending broadcasts to promote their title song ‘Boom Boom’.

SEVENTEEN Communicates with Fans via SNS


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