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SEVENTEEN's leader, S.Coups will be going on hiatus temporarily. The reason behind is because of his health issues and plans on getting treatment.

On Nov. 18, Pledis Entertainment made an announcement through their official social media accounts. It was revealed that S.Coups has been showing signs of anxiety and will be undergoing medical examinations for precise diagnosis.

With that being said, S.Coups will not be participating in their world tour "SEVENTEEN WORLD TOUR ODE TO YOU".

SEVENTEEN's S.Coups To Go On Hiatus For The Time Being Due To Health Issues

SEVENTEEN Official Twitter

Pledis Entertainment also announced that S.Coups will be needing sufficient rest and care. After having dicussion with both S.Coups and the rest of SEVENTEEN members, they had came with the decision that S.Coups will be going on a hiatus.

They also thanked CARAT who is always so loving towards SEVENTEEN and promise that they will be doing their utmost best in aiding with S.Coups' recovery.

We wish S.Coups will get well soon!


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