The latest K-Pop princes, SEVENTEEN, set Star Show 360's recording studio on fire with laughter.

SEVENTEEN showed just what makes the group Variety Kings on the recent episode of "Star Show 360". All 13 members guest starred on the show to not only show their charismatic idol personalities, but also their hilarious personas that naturally come out when the members are put together.

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From personal charm appeals to amazing performances, the SEVENTEEN boys filled the recording set with amazement and laughter. The boys also put on a special stage of their "Love&Letter" repackage title, "NO F.U.N" to the theme of "Kingsman".

One highlight from the episode was when the results of a poll asking which member was the most "actor-like" and "handsome" were revealed. The 1st place went to WonWoo, while cutie pie WooZi came in last. The two put on a short skit together that caused an uproar in laughter by the audience.

SEVENTEEN Shows What Makes Them Variety Kings on "Star Show 360"

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All throughout the broadcast, SEVENTEEN put on various performances with the theme of movie parodies. The members put on parody skits of some of the most famous movies, such as "Friend", "Veteran", "Sweet Life" and more.

With the group's impressive musical and theater performances, SEVENTEEN once again prove that they're the Variety Kings on the rise.

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