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With the release of their 2nd comeback group teaser picture, SF9 is raising the expectations of many fans for their 6th mini album, "NARCISSUS".

On Feb. 12, FNC Entertainment released the 2nd group teaser picture of the boys through SF9's official teaser website.

One of the special interactions fans could have is to piece together the scattered glasses on the website.

SF9 Makes Fans Gasp With Group Teaser Picture For Comeback "NARCISSUS"

SF9 Website

Fans are surprised that they were able to see a teaser image once they finished the puzzle. You can take a look yourself through here!

Compared to the 1st teaser picture which was released earlier on Feb. 11, both pictures seem to tell a different story.

SF9 Makes Fans Gasp With Group Teaser Picture For Comeback "NARCISSUS"

FNC Entertainment

Just like how the name of their mini album suggested, this concept revolves around the love for oneself, just like the one in the Greek mythology.

For those who can't wait to find out more about this upcoming mini album, you can also follow SF9 on their social media accounts for a more detailed schedule.

Are you excited for their comeback on Feb. 20?


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