SF9 RoWoon Is Very Talkative According To Fans



SF9 RoWoon Is Very Talkative According To Fans

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Naver x Dispatch

Some SF9 fans have recently agreed that group member RoWoon was extremely talkative.

Fans shared their experiences from past fan meetings. They all revealed that he speaks like a machine gun and has a lot to say.

The reason why this has been on fans’ radars is because it was assumed that RoWoon was shy and reserved.

Below are some of the things that fans have said.

“I bought something that’s close to what you’re wearing right now. But it didn’t look good on me. Isn’t it the current trend? Right? oh and is this your first time here at a fan meeting? I had a feeling. It’s a pleasure t o meet you. What’s your name? Wow, that’s such a pretty name. You’re a high school senior? Must be tough. That’s when it’s the most difficult. I’ll be rooting for you.”

“You like board games? I was just talking about board games with the fan right before you. She told me that there’s a nice board game cafe in Hongdae. Wouldn’t you like to go? This one is my favorite. Have you played before?”

It seems that fans won’t have to worry about having awkward silent moments when talking with RoWoon from now on!


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