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SF9's YoungBin shared an interesting story from before he entered FNC entertainment.

On August 3, YoungBin held his usual V-Live and was talking with fans. In the comments, fans were sharing that they were sad and missed going to the karaoke because it is not safe to go because of COVID-19.

YoungBin explained that he has the perfect tip for them: sing in their parents' car! It is a safe karaoke place.

He shared the story of how he practiced for FNC audition when he was 22 (Korean age). Because he had no practice room, he practiced a lot in his mom's car to pass the audition. He connected the Bluetooth, turned up the volume up, and sang.

Since there is a lot of songs with MR these days, he advised fans to use these by connecting the Bluetooth of the car. You can turn on the air conditioner or the seat heater too if you are cold or hot.

When a fan told him that the song could be heard outside of the car, he said that no. He checked for it in the past by going out of the car with music on.

SF9's YoungBin Explained He Used To Practice In His Mom's Car

FNC Entertainment

Continuing talking with fans, he explained that he got in trouble with his mom back in time. There was one time when he was singing in the car on the ignition position (basically you can use stereo, windows, air conditioner, etc but the engine is not on) and used the brake and the air conditioner. The next day, the car was locked and his mom had to call the repairman.

Fans in the comments explained that he probably used all the battery of the car so it got locked.

You can watch the video re-run below with subtitles (the talk about the car at 43:56).

It seems like YoungBin practiced very hard because, in the end, he got in the audition.

Have you ever sing in your parents' car or your car?


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