K-Pop artist Shaun, who was suspected of sajaegi chart manipulation, is currently the number one ranking K-Pop artist on the Gaon Charts, having surpassed some of the most popular K-Pop idol girl groups such as BLACKPINK, TWICE, and Mamamoo.

Shaun has been crowned as king on all four criteria including total streaming, total downloads, total digitals, and highest on the BGM charts.

Shaun Beats BLACKPINK, Mamamoo, and TWICE On Gaon Charts


After his song 'Way Back Home' beat out idol girl groups backed by corporate K-Pop agencies, many people accused him of manipulating the charts through unfair means as it seemed unlikely that someone without a large fan base was able to come out at the very top of the charts. JYP Entertainment founder Park JinYoung even personally requested that thorough investigations be made on the matter.



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