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SHINee has been having their first tour, “SHINee CONCERT SHINee WORLD V” in North America.

SHINee’s First World Tour Turns Out to Be a Great Success

SM Entertainment

The first concert was in Toronto, Canada, continuing on to Vancouver on March 21st.

They have been performing their hit songs, such as ‘Sherlock’, ‘Ring Ding Dong’, and ‘Everybody’. Canadian fans were just so pleased to see them on stage and feel their powerful energy so closely. Also, in between energetic songs, they also sang ballads which fans could soak in to their melodic voices.

The concerts lasted about 2 and a half hours, and the time seemed to flew for both SHINee and fans.

The English speaking fans, all sang along in Korean, and prepared a small event, showing SHINee a plank card saying “This is SHINee World, and we’re right by your side”.

They will be traveling to U.S and have a concert in Dallas this coming 24th.

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