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SHINee's TaeMin is back with the second act of his 3rd album "Never Gonna Dance Again" and blessed fans with perfect performance and amazing B-side tracks one more time.

This album is divided into two acts, the first one was released in September with the title track 'Criminal'. The second act was released this Monday (Nov. 9) with the title track 'IDEA'. The choreography, stage props, and music video for 'Criminal' were praised by many so the released of 'IDEA' was awaited.

On Nov. 12, TaeMin was invited to the popular online YouTube show "MMTG" with funny host JaeJae. They talked a lot about TaeMin's performance and career.

SHINee's TaeMin Explains Links Between 'Criminal' And 'IDEA' Choreography

SHINee Official

Among their talks, TaeMin explained that there is a link between 'Criminal' and 'IDEA' choreography. The ending of 'Criminal' choreography is the start of 'IDEA' choreography (TaeMin standing with opened arms)!

SHINee's TaeMin Explains Links Between 'Criminal' And 'IDEA' Choreography

"MMTG" YouTube Screenshot

Moreover, the popping in 'Criminal' also can slightly be seen when he stands up in 'IDEA'.

You can watch the whole episode of "MMTG" with TaeMin below, English subtitles will be soon uploaded.

To (re-)watch, 'Criminal' and 'IDEA' performances, check the videos below.

Did you notice the links between the two choreography?


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