Shinhwa’s DongWan Speaks Up About K-Pop Industry And Depression

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Shinhwa’s DongWan Speaks Up About K-Pop Industry And Depression

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In the past few days, the news of Sulli ‘s passing had shook the K-Pop industry and once again, there are many people who began to look into the dark side of K-Pop.

Veteran K-Pop group, Shinhwa‘s member, DongWan shared his thoughts on the incident through a post on his Instagram account.

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운동선수들이 인대 부상을 입는 경우 보존치료나 재활만으로 회복이 가능한 케이스라 해도 대부분 후유증을 감내하고 수술을 권유받습니다. 부상 뒤의 치료 기간 또한 계약 기간에 포함되어 있기 때문이죠. _ 더 많은 매체들과 더 많은 연예인들이 생겨나면서 서로에게 강요받는 것들이 많아지고 있습니다. 어린 친구들이 제대로 먹지 못하고, 편히 자지도 못하는 상황에서도 건강하고 밝은 미소를 보여주길 바라는 어른들이 넘쳐나고 있습니다. 섹시하되 섹스하지 않아야 하고, 터프하되 누구와도 싸우지 않아야 하는 존재가 되길 원하고 있죠. _ 많은 후배들이 돈과 이름이 주는 달콤함을 위해 얼마만큼의 마음의 병을 갖고 일할 것인가를 고민하고 있습니다. 향정신성의약품이 얼마나 ‘간편하고 빠른 일’인지, 얼마나 ‘많은 부작용과 후유증’을 갖고 있는지, 수많은 논문과 보고서가 말해 주고 있습니다. 본인이 원해서 혹은 빠른 해결을 위해 약물을 권유하는 일을 더 이상 방관해서는 안 됩니다. 대형 기획사들의 안일한 대처는 접촉 없이도 퍼지게 될 전염병의 숙주가 될 수 있다는 걸 간과해서는 안 될 것입니다.

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Translating DongWan’s post, he said that when an athlete suffers from a ligament injury, he or she is advice to undergo surgery treatment even if rehabilitation treatment is one of the options too. The reason behind is because of how a treatment period is included in their contract. Seeing how there are more media outlets and celebrities out there, it seemed as if they are forced to do more. The young celebrities are not eating properly and they are not sleeping properly too. However, they have to put up a bright smile for those adults who are expecting them to do so. They expect them to be sexy but not have sex and to be tough but not fight with anyone.

DongWan also shared that there are many of his juniors who are contemplating how much of an illness they want to have in their heart in order to exchange for money and reputation.

There are also many thesis and reports which showed how convenient and fast psychoactive drugs are and the side effects of taking them. DongWan emphasised that people should no longer watch how they (those who are suffering) are offered with drugs just because they requested by themselves or because they are looking for a quick solution. Adding on, he also mentioned that people should also stop overlooking how large agencies are being complacent as they would become a contagious disease which could be spread even without physical contact.

Seeing his post, there were many netizens who agreed with him and shared their opinions on an online community.

shinhwa, shinhwa dongwan, dongwan, kim dongwan, donghwa sulli, sulli

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One commented that “This is probably the words that many could relate this year. To be sexy but not have sex, to be tough but not fight… They expect them to be sexy and tough at the same time but they cannot date or express themselves. When dating scandals break out, people curse out at them and there is no proper law against those who write those comments. All of this had happened to the passed Sulli”.

Another also shared that there was an interview by DongWan which he mentioned that the culture of sexualising female celebrities should be gone but after a few years, nothing had changed.

Some also applauded his wise words on Instagram.

On Oct. 14, SM Entertainment had confirmed that Sulli had passed away and police are still investigating the cause.

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